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      Name: BestDeals Flexible Microfiber Mop

      Features: High-Quality Material, Upgraded metal handle, high-quality chenille handle, thick and soft, with super water and dust absorption ability.

      Triangular Mop: 180° optional dust removal mop, instant water absorption, fast cleaning, no dead ends, no water stains.

      The mop pad is machine washable and dries fast, just hang to dry. Reuse the mop pads hundreds of times, saving money and the environment.

      The microfiber mop works great for hardwood flooring, as well as linoleum, tile, vinyl, laminate, ceramic, marble, and stone surface.

      Material: Plastic, Steel, Microfiber

      Dimensions: 8cm*16cm*12cm

      Colours: As per availability and shown in the picture.

      Uses: Cleaning, Moping, Dusting

    • 200 incl. of GST

      Name: BestDeals Broom Mop Holder

      Features: Stretchy design, easily organized brooms, and mops with a strong spring clip.

      Holds items firmly, and is easy to release.

      There is an antiskid mat in the middle of the broom mop holder, clamps different sizes of tools and accessories with max 1.0-inch diameter handles.

      Material: Plastic

      Dimensions: 10cm*8cm*5cm

      Uses: Mop Holder, Broom Holder, Organisation

    • 150 incl. of GST

      Name: BestDeals Set of 30 Wall Vines Fixing Clips

      Features: The fixing clip effectively saves the indoor space, so that the vine can be fixed on the wall without taking up space.

      Use it to fix the direction of the indoor wire to make the home tidy and beautiful.

      Material: Plastic

      Dimensions: 2cm*2cm*4cm

      Uses: Gardening Fixture, Gardening, Organising

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      Name:BestDeals Crocodile Pattern Makeup Bag

      Features: Durable metal handle design, Handle on top gives a comfortable grip, making this vanity bag ideal for carrying beauty essentials along with you on holidays.

      PU Leather material (Waterproof), crocodile pattern design, classic and nice. The small pockets on the back of the cover are designed to place your lipstick, lip gloss, etc. Organizing and storing all your cosmetics.

      Material: PU Leather

      Dimensions: 20cm*13cm*8cm

      Colours: As per availability and shown in the picture.

      Uses: Makeup Bag, Travelling Storage, Storage

    • 550 incl. of GST

      Name: BestDeals Set of 6 Magnetic Spice Jars

      Features: Brand New Stainless Steel M Cruet Condiment Box (with magnet). Made Of eco-friendly stainless steel, safe to use.

      The condiment Box sticks to the spice rack firmly. Rotate The lid can regulate hole sizes and hermetic closure.

      Transparent Lid offers easy viewing. Comes With a spice rack.

      Ideal For spice, salt, pepper, tea, etc.

      A Must item for the kitchen in our modern life.

      Material: Stainless Steel

      Dimensions: 4.6cm

      Uses: Kitchen Tools, Spice Holder, Storage

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      Name: BestDeals Microwave Cover

      Features: Both sides of the pocket design, are easy to accommodate small objects.

      The cloth cover will protect your Microwave Oven from dust and any mold.

      It is able to protect the Microwave Oven and will reduce the affection caused by the dampness.

      Waterproof, cold, lightweight, soft and comfortable, durable.

      Made of high-quality materials, waterproof and oil-resistant.

      Different pattern designs and colors will give your kitchen a makeover and add some color.

      Material: Plastic

      Dimensions: 85cm*34cm

      Colours: As per availability and shown in the picture.

      Uses: Kitchen Tools, Kitchen, Microwave Oven

    • 200 incl. of GST

      Name: BestDeals Mini Hair Straightener

      Features: Ceramic tourmaline plates enable smooth pulling motion without breaking or damaging hair.

      With this hair iron, you can make your hair curly or straight in minutes.

      Corded device and hair straightener Auto-off for overheat protection & Temperature Control.

      Easy lock system – Low power consumption for an eco-friendly sensibility.

      Durable for your long time use Lightweight and compact, portable for taking out.

      Dimensions: 6cm*2cm*17cm

      Colours: As per availability and shown in the picture.

      Uses: Hair Straightener, Hair Styling, Hair Tools

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      Name: BestDeals Toilet Paper Holder With Rack

      Features: The shelf can place mini flower, pot mobile phone, keys, watches, glasses, etc.

      Multi-scene Use: You can use the paper holder where you need it, such as bathroom, kitchen, living room, etc.

      It doesn’t just hold toilet roll it has even got a slab above it on which you can put a lot things one example being is your phone.

      Super easy installation process and no screws.

      Material: Plastic


      Colours: As per availability and shown in the picture.

      Uses: Storage, Toilet Paper Holder, Bathroom

    • 200 incl. of GST

      Name: BestDeals Set of 2 Silicon Bow Dish Holder

      Features: Made from up-standard silicone material which makes it safe, durable, and reliable for you to use.

      Comes with a mini, compact size design so it is super lightweight and portable.

      With its special anti-scald and heat-insulated advantages, it ensures that you will not get hurt when you are using this silicone clamp to hold a hot dish plate or dish pot.

      Material: Silicon

      Dimensions: 9cm*6cm*3cm

      Colours: As per availability and shown in the picture.

      Uses: Kitchen Tool, Dish Holder, Kitchen

    • 250 incl. of GST

      Name: BestDeals 6 Pocket Hanging Purse Organiser

      Features: Perfect Organizing Solution Hanging Purse Organizer for ladies Handbag, Storage Bags, House bag, Wardrobe, Pocketbooks, Storage Holder, Clutches, Shoes stuffs, Shoulder bags, Storing Purses, Small blankets, sheets, Towels Storage other things.

      Housekeeping & organization solution.

      This Hanging handbag organizer can organize 6 Bags in your Almirah.

      Material: Non-Woven Fabric

      Dimensions: 90cm*35cm*30cm

      Colours: As per availability and shown in the picture.

      Uses: Hanging Shelf, Hanging Storage, Hanging Organiser

    • 250 incl. of GST

      Name: BestDeals Flexible Microfiber Duster

      Features: FLEX-AND-STAY – BENDABLE TO ADAPT ANY CLEANING SURFACE – Long flexible microfiber ceiling fan brush duster can be bent to any shape.

      Finally, you can clean your high ceiling fans, no matter what type of fan blades you have! Ideal for cleaning ceiling fans as well as other hard-to-reach indoor and outdoor spots:

      High ceilings, tight corners, walls, blinds, shelves, fan and light fixtures, window screens, baseboards, and any other area that’s a struggle to clean!

      USE BY HAND OR POP ONTO AN EXTENSION POLE – Grip the Extend-A-Reach duster for ceiling fan attachment by the handle to take care of your nearby dusting needs.

      But if you want to dust far-away targets, extend your Fan Duster brush to your exact cleaning needs by screwing the flexible duster head onto any telescopic pole with universal threading.

      WASHABLE, REUSABLE, ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – Totally washable, this ceiling fan duster will stand up to every task over and over again.

      After finishing your cleaning tasks, simply remove the Microfiber Duster Sleeve. Wash it by hand or in the washing machine with cool to warm water and let air dry.

      Break the cycle of buying and throwing away sub-par dusting cloth for ceiling fans.

      STAY OFF THE LADDER. STAY SAFE. GET THE JOB DONE – Dust and dust mites can cause allergic reactions and trigger asthma.

      The dust you can’t see is also the hardest dust to reach, but using a shaky ladder is tiring at best and dangerous at worst.

      Using the EXTEND-A-REACH ceiling duster with an extension pole will eliminate the chance of a bad fall, keeping your home squeaky clean while your feet are firmly planted on the floor.

      Material: Microfiber and Plastic

      Dimensions: 50cm*7cm*7cm

      Colours: As per availability and shown in the picture.

      Uses: Cleaner, Duster, Cleaning

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      Name: BestDeals Spatula Ladle Lid Holder

      Features: 100% brand new and high quality.

      100% Brand New & High Quality, health and safety.

      Pot lid holder rack.

      Offering a new twist to your everyday lid rest.

      Can be placed in any size, spoon, spatula.

      Keeping the environment clean, is not easy when the collection.

      Easy to clean.

      Great gift for a housewife.

      Material: Plastic

      Dimensions: 18cm*11.5cm

      Colours: As per availability and shown in the pictures.

      Uses: Kitchen Tools, Holder, Lid Holder

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      Name: BestDeals Metal Wall Mounted Shelf

      Features: EASY INSTALLATION, There are no more ugly holes in the wall like holes done by a drill machine, So no required a drill machine.

      No need to drill holes, just clean and install a smooth surface and dry. It has powerful adhesive strength and strong viscosity.

      ANTI RUST & ANTI CORROSIVE, Anti-rust, and anti-corrosion, adhesion ensures strong bearing and adhesion, please note that the adhesive hook can not be reused.

      Ideal for holding and tidying shampoos, soaps, shower gels, combs, razors, brushes, and other cleaning products, it is best for bathrooms and kitchens.

      VENTILATION DESIGN, The kitchen, and bathroom can be used on these shelves, the drainage of the shelf is fast, the ventilation is ventilated and the storage is dry and hygienic.

      Designed to organize your space, these bathroom shelves are ideal for storing shampoos, shower gels, creams, etc., and can be moved where you need them.

      Material: Iron

      Dimensions: 19cm*7cm*6cm

      Colours: As per availability and shown in the picture.

      Uses: Bathroom Storage, Kitchen Storage, Artifact Storage

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      Name: BestDeals Large Chopper

      Features: 900ml speedy vegetable pull chopper with 4 steel blades.

      Easy to clean.

      Easy to handle.

      Speed chopping.

      Ideal for vegetables and fruits.

      Material: Plastic

      Dimensions: 900 ml capacity

      Uses: Chopping, Chopping Vegetables, Chopping Fruit

    • 130 incl. of GST

      Name: BestDeals 2 in 1 Multifunctional Fryer

      Features: Convenient Design, with this tool, you can pick up the food while draining the excess oil at the same time.

      Quality Material, Stainless Steel, Corrosion-resistant, Wear-resistant, Sturdy, and Durable.

      The wire mesh of this strainer is very strong and of good quality.

      Convenient Design, with this tool, you can pick up the food while draining the excess oil at the same time.

      Material: Stainless Steel

      Dimensions: 10cm*4cm*4cm

      Uses: Kitchen Tool, Frying Tool, Cooking Tool

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      Name: BestDeals 16 Pocket Hanging Closet

      Features: Transparent window design, convenient for storage and looking for anything that you want.

      It is your good helper sorting clothes, keeping your bedroom tidy and clean, also making your life more easily.

      Can put underwear, bras, socks, necklaces, sunglasses, cosmetics, hairpins, watches, gloves, bracelets, other daily sundries, and rolled T-shirts on the hanging organizer pockets.

      Perfect for home, closet, bedroom, living room, bathroom, study, office, travel RV, college dorm room, and so on.

      Ideal gift for your friends or families, definitely meet your many different purposes, great space saver.

      Easy to roll up to pack in luggage during travel.

      Material: Polyester Cloth, Clear PE

      Dimensions: 78cm*39cm (37.7cm*15.4cm)

      Colours: As per availability and shown in the picture.

      Uses: Hanging Shelf, Hanging Storage, Hanging Organiser