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      Name :- Best Deals Portable Silicone Liquid Funnel

      Feature: –  Eco-Friendly

      Material: – Silicone

      Colour :- Random

      Size:- L*W*H = 12cm*3cm*4.5cm

      Package :– 2pc

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      Name: BestDeals Set of 6 Magnetic Spice Jars

      Features: Brand New Stainless Steel M Cruet Condiment Box (with magnet). Made Of eco-friendly stainless steel, safe to use.

      The condiment Box sticks to the spice rack firmly. Rotate The lid can regulate hole sizes and hermetic closure.

      Transparent Lid offers easy viewing. Comes With a spice rack.

      Ideal For spice, salt, pepper, tea, etc.

      A Must item for the kitchen in our modern life.

      Material: Stainless Steel

      Dimensions: 4.6cm

      Uses: Kitchen Tools, Spice Holder, Storage

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      Name: BestDeals Microwave Cover

      Features: Both sides of the pocket design, are easy to accommodate small objects.

      The cloth cover will protect your Microwave Oven from dust and any mold.

      It is able to protect the Microwave Oven and will reduce the affection caused by the dampness.

      Waterproof, cold, lightweight, soft and comfortable, durable.

      Made of high-quality materials, waterproof and oil-resistant.

      Different pattern designs and colors will give your kitchen a makeover and add some color.

      Material: Plastic

      Dimensions: 85cm*34cm

      Colours: As per availability and shown in the picture.

      Uses: Kitchen Tools, Kitchen, Microwave Oven

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      Name: BestDeals 2 in 1 Multifunctional Fryer

      Features: Convenient Design, with this tool, you can pick up the food while draining the excess oil at the same time.

      Quality Material, Stainless Steel, Corrosion-resistant, Wear-resistant, Sturdy, and Durable.

      The wire mesh of this strainer is very strong and of good quality.

      Convenient Design, with this tool, you can pick up the food while draining the excess oil at the same time.

      Material: Stainless Steel

      Dimensions: 10cm*4cm*4cm

      Uses: Kitchen Tool, Frying Tool, Cooking Tool