duster with handle

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      It is a new type of household cleaning product. It has super absorbentness and can easily dry the dirt on the floor. It is very convenient to clean and can be cleaned by folding it!

      The fabric is made of ultra-fine fiber raw materials. It has super absorbentness and is very resistant to dirt. It can easily wipe off dirt! It is easy to clean. Since the product went out of the market, it has been popular with the people. Recognition


      1. The mop head is made of super-strong wood fiber, which is suitable for the general mop (the cotton thread is in parallel with the ground). Using advanced technology and machines, the revolutionary fiber is placed in vertical contact with the ground so that the fibers can deeply clean the dirt trapped in tiny pits or grooves on the floor.

      2. The electrostatic dust removal mop head is made of high-quality dust-removing fiber, which has super-strong vacuuming ability. It can be used for mopping the floor and wiping the wall, which is light and convenient.

      3. 360 degree rotation design to facilitate the cleaning of the dead corners inside the house.

      4. Professionally designed spiral fixed telescopic handle for easy carrying and storage. It is more convenient to adjust the length according to the height of the individual to facilitate the cleaning work at high and low places.