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    Name: BestDeals Broom Mop Holder

    Features: Stretchy design, easily organized brooms, and mops with a strong spring clip.

    Holds items firmly, and is easy to release.

    There is an antiskid mat in the middle of the broom mop holder, clamps different sizes of tools and accessories with max 1.0-inch diameter handles.

    Material: Plastic

    Dimensions: 10cm*8cm*5cm

    Uses: Mop Holder, Broom Holder, Organisation

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    Name: BestDeals Set of 2 Silicon Bow Dish Holder

    Features: Made from up-standard silicone material which makes it safe, durable, and reliable for you to use.

    Comes with a mini, compact size design so it is super lightweight and portable.

    With its special anti-scald and heat-insulated advantages, it ensures that you will not get hurt when you are using this silicone clamp to hold a hot dish plate or dish pot.

    Material: Silicon

    Dimensions: 9cm*6cm*3cm

    Colours: As per availability and shown in the picture.

    Uses: Kitchen Tool, Dish Holder, Kitchen

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    Name: BestDeals Spatula Ladle Lid Holder

    Features: 100% brand new and high quality.

    100% Brand New & High Quality, health and safety.

    Pot lid holder rack.

    Offering a new twist to your everyday lid rest.

    Can be placed in any size, spoon, spatula.

    Keeping the environment clean, is not easy when the collection.

    Easy to clean.

    Great gift for a housewife.

    Material: Plastic

    Dimensions: 18cm*11.5cm

    Colours: As per availability and shown in the pictures.

    Uses: Kitchen Tools, Holder, Lid Holder

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    Name: BestDeals Double Layer Organiser

    Features: Storage, Say goodbye to messy, one rack storage, detachable design, large capacity, easy installation.

    Design, Layered design, more organized, small figure and large capacity, giving you a tidy space.

    Purpose, One rack is multi-purpose, suitable for multiple scenarios, and can also be used as a mobile phone holder.

    Advantages, Convenient to take, small in size, easy to take in storage, put it wherever you want.

    Material, Quality plastic material, safe and environmentally friendly, strong and reliable in quality.

    Material: Plastic

    Dimensions: 17.5cm*14.5cm*12.5cm

    Colours: As per availability and shown in the picture.

    Uses: Storage, Organiser, Desk Organiser

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    Name: BestDeals Metal Wall Mounted Shelf

    Features: EASY INSTALLATION, There are no more ugly holes in the wall like holes done by a drill machine, So no required a drill machine.

    No need to drill holes, just clean and install a smooth surface and dry. It has powerful adhesive strength and strong viscosity.

    ANTI RUST & ANTI CORROSIVE, Anti-rust, and anti-corrosion, adhesion ensures strong bearing and adhesion, please note that the adhesive hook can not be reused.

    Ideal for holding and tidying shampoos, soaps, shower gels, combs, razors, brushes, and other cleaning products, it is best for bathrooms and kitchens.

    VENTILATION DESIGN, The kitchen, and bathroom can be used on these shelves, the drainage of the shelf is fast, the ventilation is ventilated and the storage is dry and hygienic.

    Designed to organize your space, these bathroom shelves are ideal for storing shampoos, shower gels, creams, etc., and can be moved where you need them.

    Material: Iron

    Dimensions: 19cm*7cm*6cm

    Colours: As per availability and shown in the picture.

    Uses: Bathroom Storage, Kitchen Storage, Artifact Storage

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    Name: BestDeals Cloud Moon Hook

    Features: Durable and easy to stick on a wall, door, or glass.

    Featuring lovely cloud, star, and moon designs, it can be a nice decoration as well.

    Easy installation, which is strong and stable without worry it from falling.

    Convenient tool to hold your bag, coat, scarf, towel, kitchenware, and much more.

    Material: Plastic

    Dimensions: 29.5cm*14cm approx.

    Uses: Holder, Hook, Bag Holder

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    Name: BestDeals Black Deer Head Hanging Hook

    Features: EASY TO USE – No tools required, Easy to clean and reposition without surface damage, Just peel off the cover starting from the bulge, then put the hook on a smooth surface.

    STABLE AND DURABLE – Solid stainless steel and PC construction, ensuring quality and longevity. More sturdy than plastic hooks. And a Small and light design.

    WATERPROOF and ANTI-MOISTURE – It won’t fall off even if it is under the bathroom shower. No affecting its adhesive and sealing power.Excellent waterproof, mold-proof, and oilproof. Superior weather resistance.

    Used on a relatively smooth surface.

    Press tightly on the contact surface. The contact surface should be clean and dry.

    Material: Plastic

    Dimensions: 18.5cm*16.5cm*18.5cm

    Colours: As per availability and as shown in the picture.

    Uses: Door Hook, Key Holder, Bag Holder

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    Name: BestDeals Adhesive Smiley Hook

    Features: Anti-slip, the household broom can be stuck firmly and prevent it from falling off.

    Easy to Install: You can easily and quickly install, no need to waste time drilling holes on the wall, and do not worry that the holder will damage your wall.

    Multi-function, using this type of mop and broom holder can save space for the house and keep your home stay clean.

    Apply to garage, kitchen, and bathroom.

    Compared with other similar products, the bearing capacity is stronger (3kg-5kg).

    Material: Plastic

    Dimensions: 8mm*2.5mm*3mm

    Colours: As per availability and shown in the picture.

    Uses: Broom Holder, Key Holder, Hook