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      Name: BestDeals Set of 5 Self Adhesive Plastic Wall Hooks

      Features: These adhesive hooks can bear weight up to 5lbs, strong enough to keep your things securely in place.

      No tools or drilling are required. Great for hanging clothes, decorations, wreaths, belts, necklaces, kitchen utensils, etc. They are clear and don’t stand out much on the wall or furniture.

      Material: Plastic

      Uses: Wall Hook, Key Holder, Towel Holder

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      Name: BestDeals Cloud Moon Hook

      Features: Durable and easy to stick on a wall, door, or glass.

      Featuring lovely cloud, star, and moon designs, it can be a nice decoration as well.

      Easy installation, which is strong and stable without worry it from falling.

      Convenient tool to hold your bag, coat, scarf, towel, kitchenware, and much more.

      Material: Plastic

      Dimensions: 29.5cm*14cm approx.

      Uses: Holder, Hook, Bag Holder

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      Name: BestDeals Black Deer Head Hanging Hook

      Features: EASY TO USE – No tools required, Easy to clean and reposition without surface damage, Just peel off the cover starting from the bulge, then put the hook on a smooth surface.

      STABLE AND DURABLE – Solid stainless steel and PC construction, ensuring quality and longevity. More sturdy than plastic hooks. And a Small and light design.

      WATERPROOF and ANTI-MOISTURE – It won’t fall off even if it is under the bathroom shower. No affecting its adhesive and sealing power.Excellent waterproof, mold-proof, and oilproof. Superior weather resistance.

      Used on a relatively smooth surface.

      Press tightly on the contact surface. The contact surface should be clean and dry.

      Material: Plastic

      Dimensions: 18.5cm*16.5cm*18.5cm

      Colours: As per availability and as shown in the picture.

      Uses: Door Hook, Key Holder, Bag Holder

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      Name: BestDeals Adhesive Smiley Hook

      Features: Anti-slip, the household broom can be stuck firmly and prevent it from falling off.

      Easy to Install: You can easily and quickly install, no need to waste time drilling holes on the wall, and do not worry that the holder will damage your wall.

      Multi-function, using this type of mop and broom holder can save space for the house and keep your home stay clean.

      Apply to garage, kitchen, and bathroom.

      Compared with other similar products, the bearing capacity is stronger (3kg-5kg).

      Material: Plastic

      Dimensions: 8mm*2.5mm*3mm

      Colours: As per availability and shown in the picture.

      Uses: Broom Holder, Key Holder, Hook

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      Name: BestDeals 5 Level Door Strap Hanger

      Features: Door Mount, Wall Mount Hanger.

      Maximum Weight Recommendation5 Kilograms.

      Hooks for hanging coat hangers, hats, purses, backpacks, purses, jackets, and other items.

      This door hanger hook requires no additional tools.

      Easily fits doors having thicknesses of 30mm to 35mm.

      The clothes hanger is made from Sturdy ABS Plastic for long-lasting use.

      This over-the-door organizer has a Reversible design for greater flexibility.

      Material: ABS Plastic

      Dimensions: 27.7cm*3.5cm

      Colours: As per availability and shown in the picture.

      Uses: Hanging Clothes, Hanging Towels, Hanger