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      Name: BestDeals Set of 6 Mini Cactus Magnets

      Features: 6 Pcs Cute Refrigerator Magnet cheer up your fridge and inject a bit of green plant-life into your kitchen.

      Fridge magnets with lovely modeling can hold thick photos or several pieces of paper steadily on refrigerator or whiteboard. Perfect to pin notes, recipes, artwork on fridge, door, cabinet, locker, cubicle, any magnetic surface.

      Material: Plastic

      Dimensions: 1.8cm

      Uses: Fridge Magnet, Magnets, Home Decor

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      Name: unique creative Refrigerator Fridge Magnets

      Material: ABS, TPR, Magnet

      Style: Melody

      Color: Multiple colors available

      Scope of application: various household appliances, message boards and conference boards, etc.