2PCS 2in1 Mattress Lifter Tool Bed Sheet Tucker – A Bed Making Tool

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No more back pain with Bed Sheet Tucker Tool a mattress lifter tool for bedsheet tucking. Tuck in bedsheets easily with bed tucker a bed making tool


Mattress Lifter Tool a Bed Sheet Tucker! Say goodbye to the frustration of messy and untucked sheets, and hello to perfectly made beds in no time without any back pain. Using the  Bed Sheet Tucker tool is incredibly easy. Simply lift your mattress with the help of the mattress lifter to make bed and slide the Bed Sheet Tucker underneath. The Bed Sheet Tucker allows you to tuck in bedsheets with ease and precision, saving you valuable time and effort. Not only is the Bed Sheet Tucker a bed tucker, but it is also a versatile bed making tool. It works for all bed sizes, including queen, king, and twin, and can be used with any type of bedsheet material. With the Bed Sheet Tucker, bedsheet tucking becomes a breeze. No more frustration or hassle, just perfectly tucked-in bedsheets every time. Order your Bed Sheet Tucker today and make bed-making a joy instead of a chore!

Material : Plastic.

Size : 45 × 15 × 10 cm.

Package Includes : Pack of 2.

Country of Origin : India.

Additional information

Weight0.3 kg
Dimensions45 × 15 × 10 cm


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Mattress Lifter Tool Bed Sheet Tucker

2PCS 2in1 Mattress Lifter Tool Bed Sheet Tucker - A Bed Making Tool

299 incl. of GST