Burger Lunch Box for Kids’ Leak-Proof Tiffin Box for School Lunch Delights

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Fun and Functional! Our burger-shaped kids’ tiffin box comes with 3 containers, a fork, and spoon. Perfect for school lunches, it’s leak-proof, and offers 3 layers with 4 compartments.


Burger Lunch Box

  • Transform lunchtime into a delightful adventure with our Burger Lunch Box—a perfect fusion of whimsy and practicality for your child’s meals. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this leak-proof lunch box features an airtight lid, guaranteeing a spill-proof solution that keeps your child’s lunch secure and mess-free. Its compact design effortlessly fits into lunch bags, backpacks, or handbags, ensuring convenient portability for school lunches or outings.
  • Constructed from non-toxic materials, this lunch box prioritizes your child’s safety while preserving the freshness of their favorite meals, whether it’s sandwiches, soups, or refreshing beverages. The smooth inner surface not only facilitates easy cleaning but also prevents overflow or leakage, maintaining a pristine lunch experience.
  • The Burger Shape Tiffin Box transcends mere functionality—it’s an adorable accessory that injects a playful spirit into meals. The distinctive burger design not only sparks creativity but also fosters healthy eating habits in a visually engaging manner. Imagine the joy on your child’s face as they unveil their lunch in this charming and unique container!
  • With three layers and four compartments, this lunch box offers versatility for packing an array of food items. From fruits and sandwiches to wafers and salads, you have the flexibility to create a well-rounded and visually appealing lunch tailored to your child’s preferences.
  • To complete the package, the Burger Shape Lunch Box includes a small spoon and fork, making it a comprehensive solution for on-the-go meals. The thoughtful combination of design, functionality, and safety positions this tiffin box as the ideal choice for parents seeking a perfect blend of fun and practicality in their child’s lunchtime essentials. Elevate every mealtime moment with the Burger Shape Tiffin Box—a charming and functional companion that turns lunches into imaginative experiences!
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Product Dimensions

Weight0.300 kg
Dimensions10 × 8 × 6 cm


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Burger Lunch Box

Burger Lunch Box for Kids' Leak-Proof Tiffin Box for School Lunch Delights

249 incl. of GST