Water-Sensor Flameless Candles – Waterproof Battery-Operated Floating LED Lotus Candles (6-Pcs)

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Elevate Your Décor with Water-Sensor Flameless LED Lotus Candles. Waterproof, Battery-Operated, and Multicolored. Enjoy safety and ambiance without flames or wax. Perfect for home decoration, special occasions, and gifting. Create a warm and romantic atmosphere with these modern LED candles.


Water Sensor LED Candle

  • Immerse your surroundings in the enchanting glow of our Flameless Water Sensor LED Candle Waterproof Battery Operated Artificial Floating LED Lotus Candles, a perfect fusion of aesthetics and functionality. Measuring 7.8 inches by 7.8 inches by 6.2 inches, each candle emanates a mesmerizing multicolored light, housed in an elegant box containing a set of 6 candles.
  • Safety is paramount with these flameless candles. Crafted to be completely waterproof, they eliminate concerns about fire hazards, smoke, and wax, making them an ideal and secure choice for households with pets or young children. The intuitive operation involves simply placing the candles on any water bowl or wet surface, activating the captivating illumination. The float-on-water design, with the light positioned at the center of the flower, adds an extra layer of charm to your decor.
  • Operational convenience is a hallmark of these candles, each equipped with a preinstalled cell battery. Offering over 100 hours of continuous light, the battery can be effortlessly replaced using the tab at the bottom, ensuring extended use without any hassle. This eco-friendly solution requires only a CR2032 battery (included), boasting about 48 hours of illumination before a replacement is needed.
  • Beyond safety and convenience, these tea light lotus flower LED candles champion environmental sustainability. With their energy-efficient operation, smoke-free performance, and zero carbon emissions, they present a modern alternative to traditional fire candles.
  • Versatility defines their application, as these candles prove perfect for home decor, dining tables, weddings, and parties. Revolutionizing the concept of traditional candles, they create a warm and romantic atmosphere in living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. Moreover, these candles make for a thoughtful and aesthetically pleasing gift, symbolizing care and affection. Illuminate your spaces with the charm and elegance of these LED lotus candles, transcending the limitations of conventional lighting solutions and turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.
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Weight0.200 kg
Dimensions22 × 18 × 5 cm


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Water Sensor LED Candle

Water-Sensor Flameless Candles - Waterproof Battery-Operated Floating LED Lotus Candles (6-Pcs)

599 incl. of GST