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  • 94 incl. of GST

    Name: BestDeals Corner & Edges Dust Cleaner Brush

    Sliding Window Slot Track Groove Dust Cleaner Remover Brush Tool Sponge Wet and Dry Brush for All Corners Edges and Gaps.


  • 94 incl. of GST

    Name: BestDeals Adhesive Smiley Hook

    Features: Anti-slip, the household broom can be stuck firmly and prevent it from falling off.

    Easy to Install: You can easily and quickly install, no need to waste time drilling holes on the wall, and do not worry that the holder will damage your wall.

    Multi-function, using this type of mop and broom holder can save space for the house and keep your home stay clean.

    Apply to garage, kitchen, and bathroom.

    Compared with other similar products, the bearing capacity is stronger (3kg-5kg).

    Material: Plastic

    Dimensions: 8mm*2.5mm*3mm

    Colours: As per availability and shown in the picture.

    Uses: Broom Holder, Key Holder, Hook

  • 80 incl. of GST

    Name: BestDeals Quick Hair-Drying Towel

    Features: Absorbing microfiber hair drying cap.

    Medium Sized towel for everyday use.

    Fits every head easily Work without worrying about dripping water from wet hair.

    Place Hair Wrap on the Back of the Head with the elastic loop on top.

    Twist Hair securely with Hair Wrap and place a twist on top of the Head.

    Insert twist through loop and hair wrap stays in place.

    Material: Polycotton

    Dimensions: 57cm*23cm

    Uses: Hair-Drying, Hair Towel, Soft Towel

  • 70 incl. of GST

    Name: BestDeals Fruit Print Waterproof Apron

    Features: PVC Fruit Print Apron.

    Waterproof Apron.

    Available in different prints.

    Material: PVC

    Dimensions: 46.5cm*67cm

    Uses: Kitchen Apron, Cooking, Waterproof Apron

  • 59 incl. of GST

    Name: BestDeals Broom Mop Holder

    Features: Stretchy design, easily organized brooms, and mops with a strong spring clip.

    Holds items firmly, and is easy to release.

    There is an antiskid mat in the middle of the broom mop holder, clamps different sizes of tools and accessories with max 1.0-inch diameter handles.

    Material: Plastic

    Dimensions: 10cm*8cm*5cm

    Uses: Mop Holder, Broom Holder, Organisation